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14.10.2007 Zwevezele Belgium: 10th 07.10.2007 Vlamertinge Belgium: 8th 06.10.2007 Bellegem Belgium: 3rd 30.09.2007 Namur-Flawinne: 1st 29.09.2007 Londerzeel Belgium: 10th 22.09.2007 Lichtervelde Belgium: 8th 16.09.2007  Werken-Diksmuide Belgium: 3rd 15.09.2007  Little Paris-Brussels Belgium: 5th 9.09.2007   Newport (Hull) National 10m GHS Time Trial Champion 15y: 1st 02.09.2007  Kumtich Belgium: 3rd 29.08.2007 Ormeignies Circuit Race Belgium: 3rd 26.08.2007 Lennik Circuit Race Belgium: 10th 22.08.2007 Overijse Circuit Race Belgium: 7th 19.08.2007 Werchter Circuit Race Belgium:  3rd 15.08.2007 Roosdaal Circuit Race Belgium:  2nd 12.08.2007 Bierbeek Circuit Race Belgium:  7th 08.08.2007 Basecles Circuit Race Belgium:  3rd 04.08.2007  Assen Youth and Junior Tour GC Holland (ill the previous week): 14th 28.07.2007 BK Achterveld Holland: 2nd 28.07.2007 BK Achterveld Holland: 6th 26.07.2007 GP Leuserheide Holland: 8th 25.07.2007 GP Ossendrijver Holland: 4th 24.07.2007 GP Bergzicht Holland: 2nd 23.07.2007 GP De Visser Holland:5th 19.07.2007 Economic Energy Circuit Race 3 (GB Adult race): 5th 15.07.2007 Sinaai Nieuwelingen Belgium: 1st 12.07.2007 Economic Energy Circuit Race 2 (GB Adult race): 1st 11.07.2007 Guildford Town Centre Races (GB Adult race): 2nd 11.07.2007 Guildford Town Centre Races: 1st 06.07.2007 Brands Hatch Southborough Classic (GB Elite Adult race): 6th 05.07.2007 Economic Energy Circuit Race 1 (GB Adult race): 1st 03.07.2007 BC West Thames/Team Quest Circuit Races (GB Adult race): 2nd 03.07.2007 BC West Thames/Team Quest Circuit Races: 1st 27.06.2007 Classic De Ronde van Haspengouw Goetsenhoven Belgium: 2nd 24.06.2007 Oostende - Opex Belgium: 1st 23.06.2007 Eastern Region Time Trial Championships: 1st 16.06.2007 BC National Youth Circuit Race Championships (crash & broken gears): 8th 10.06.2007 Brentwood Borough Council Town Centre Races:  3rd 05.06.2007 Surrey League Dunsfold Park-Atum 22 Series 7:  2nd 31.05.2007 Eastway Supporters League Thursday League 5 (GB Adult race): 3rd 27.05.2007 BSCA National Road Championships: 1st 26.05.2007  BSCA 10m National TT championships: 1st 20.05.2007 Crawley Town Centre Criteriums  (throat infection): 6th 15.05.2007  North Weald TLI (GB Adult race): 1st 13.05.2007 Kruishoutem Belgium: 3rd 07.05.2007 Ixworth Mayday Criterium Races (ERRL) (GB Adult race): 1st 07.05.2007 Ixworth Mayday Criterium Races (ERRL):  1st   Eastern Region Championships: 1st 07.05.2007 Ixworth Mayday Criterium Races (ERRL) (Eastern Junior Championships): 2nd 05.05.2007 Bredene  Belgium: 1st 01.05.2007 Dottignies Belgium: 7th 29.04.2007 Ronchin - Lille  France: 2nd 28.04.2007 Andy Hardy Memorial Road Race Milton Keynes (GB Adult race): 1st 15.04.2007 Groot Bijgaarden Belgium: 12th 14.04.2007 Wambeek Belgium: 6th 09.04.2007 Gravelines Road Race France: 7th 01.04.2007 Hetton Hawks Classic Sunderland: 5th 31.03.2007  Beyond MBC Spring Series Overall: 1st 31.03.2007 Beyond MBC Spring Series 3 of 3:  1st 25.03.2007 Nederzwalm Belgium:  1st 24.03.2007 Beyond MBC Spring Series 2 of 3: 1st 18.03.2007 Oordegem Belgium: 1st 17.03.2007 Beyond MBC Spring Series 1 of 3: 1st 11.03.2007 Deux Acren Belgium: 2nd
No 1 in British Cycling UK Rankings BSCA Best All Rounder 2006/2007 BSCA  National Road Champion BSCA 10m National TT Champion GHS 10m National TT Champion (15yr) Eastern Region Champion U16 Eastern Region Champion Adult ¾ Eastern Region Junior Championships Silver medal Silver medal in BSCA National Hill Climb Championships 25 First placings, 10 second placings, 9 third placings, 1 fourth placing, 4 fifth placings, 4 sixth placings, 5 seventh placings, 4 eight placings, 3 tenth placings.