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Date Race Country Cat. Result 12-Oct Zwevezele-Vanneke Belgium Junior 15th 11-Oct Erombodegem Belgium Junior 5th 05-Oct Stahille Belgium Junior 11th 04-Oct Jumet Belgium Junior 6th 28-Sep Jemeppe Belgium Junior 16th 27-Sep Meigem Belgium Junior 8th 20/21-Sep 2-Day - Ottignies, Moha Belgium Junior 1st 21-Sep Ottignies Belgium Junior 2nd 20-Sep Moha Belgium Junior 1st 14-Sep GHS TT Final England Junior 2nd 07-Sep Budingen Belgium Junior 19th 06-Sep Oudegem Belgium Junior 4th 31-Aug Ferrieres-Remouchamp Belgium Junior 31st 23/24/25-Aug Tour of Wales Points Wales Junior 11th 23/24/25-Aug Tour of Wales KOM Wales Junior 5th 23/24/25 Aug Tour of Wales Overal Wales Junior 27th 25-Aug Tour of Wales Wales Junior 27th 24-Aug Tour of Wales Wales Junior 38th 24-Aug Tour of Wales Wales Junior 35th 23-Aug Tour of Wales Wales Junior 4th 23-Aug Tour of Wales Wales Junior 30th 20-Aug Adinkerke TT Belgium Junior 32nd 15/17-Aug Roosdaal-Strijtem (GC) Belgium Junior 1st 17-Aug Roosdaal-Strijtem (1st Day) Belgium Junior 3rd 15-Aug Roosdaal-Strijtem (2nd Day) Belgium Junior 1st 10-Aug Nat Champs England Junior 11th 05-Aug Erondegem Belgium Junior 3rd 03-Aug Bierbeek Belgium Junior 9th 02-Aug Overijse-Tombeek Belgium Junior 10th 30-Jul Neerlinter Heide Belgium Junior 1st 27-Jul Ronde Van Vlaanderen Belgium Junior 49th 21-Jul Lebbeke Belgium Junior 2nd 19-Jul Incourt Belgium Junior 19th 13-Jul Tour of Ireland White Jersey Ireland Junior 1st 13-Jul Tour of Ireland Overall Ireland Junior 6th 12-Jul Tour of Ireland Stage Five Ireland Junior 23rd 11-Jul Tour of Ireland Stage Four Ireland Junior 11th 10-Jul Tour of Ireland Stage Three Ireland Junior 11th 09-Jul Tour of Ireland Stage Two Ireland Junior 5th 08-Jul Tour of Ireland Stage One Ireland Junior 5th 07-Jul Tour of Ireland TT Ireland Junior 23rd 01-Jul Herbeumont Belgium Junior   28-Jun Ostiches Belgium Junior 7th 26-Jun Dunton England E/1/2 4th 22-Jun Tom Simpson GP England Junior 4th 21-Jun GHS TT Qualifier England Junior 1st 15-Jun Drieslinter Belgium Junior 17th 14-Jun Grimbergen-Beigem Belgium Junior 4th 11-Jun Langham TT England E/1/2/3/4 1st 08-Jun Kortenaken-Stok Belgium Junior 3rd 01-Jun Ruddervoorde Belgium Junior Crashed 31-May Braives Belgium Junior   25-May Pepingen Belgium Junior 11th 18-May Ashwell England 2/3/4 5th 17-May Dunton England 2/3/4 1st 13-May North Weald England E/1/2/3/4 1st 05-May Ixworth England 3/4 1st 05-May Ixworth England Junior 4th 01-May St-Martens-Bodegem Belgium Junior 7th 27-Apr Korbeek-Lo (IC) Belgium Junior 52nd 20-Apr Sint Gillis Waas Belgium Junior 21st 19-Apr Dunton England E/1/2/3 4th 16-Apr Tendering TT England E/1/2/3/4 1st 13-Apr Boutersem Belgium Junior 31st 09-Apr Langham TT England E/1/2/3/4 1st 06-Apr Maldon England 3/4 1st 30-Mar Martin Ashfield Overall Wales Junior 14th 30-Mar Martin Ashfield Stage 3 Wales Junior 17th 29-Mar Martin Ashfield Stage 2 Wales Junior 11th 29-Mar Martin Ashfield TT Wales Junior 8th 26-Mar Nechin Belgium Junior 3rd 24-Mar Ster Van Limburg Stage 3 Belgium Junior Cancelled 23-Mar Ster Van Limburg Stage 2 Belgium Junior 41st 22-Mar Ster Van Limburg Stage 1 Belgium Junior 31st 22-Mar Ster Van Limburg TT Belgium Junior 22nd 16-Mar Berloz (IC) Belgium Junior 45th 15-Mar Dunton England 2/3/4 2nd 09-Mar Jock Wadley England E/1/2 22nd 02-Mar Crest RR England 2/3/4 19th 24-Feb Vollezele Belgium Junior 11th 17-Feb Glabeek Belgium Junior 5th